Friday, February 8, 2013

"Ya, but it's the weekend!"

Ok let's get honest, not many people stick to their healthy routines on the weekend. We have all used and heard the excuses. "It's how I relax" "I deserve a reward" "it's my cheat day". Sound familiar? So how do you do it? How can you enjoy your weekend without feeling deprived? Here are a few ideas on keeping a good balance. Number 1: Do not, I repeat do NOT have a cheat day! This is a big mistake, people always over do it. Instead have a cheat meal pick one meal where you are allowed to eat whatever and however much you want but it stops there. So how do you get through the rest of the weekend you wonder? It's all about balance, remember this is for people looking to live a healthy lifestyle not diet. Luckily that makes this easier. Eat small portions, don't fill your plate! Choose the healthier options pick a side salad with squeezed lemon juice for dressing instead of fries. Ask for your burger wrapped in lettuce rather than the bun. I promise it still tastes good. If you go out for dessert, get a low fat frozen yogurt(sugar free is better) and in the smallest size. This way you aren't telling yourself "no you absolutely can't have something"I know for me when someone tells me I can't have it I want it even more! That's not what this is about, it's about making these choices all the time everyday! It's a lifestyle. Your not deprived. You can have food, if you go out for pizza dab your piece on a napkin to take off the extra grease then only eat ONE piece! The more you make these choices daily the easier it will become to where you aren't even having to think about it! Just make sure the rest of your meals are healthy and you'll be feeling great! Side note: always ask yourself "is whatever I'm about to eat worth it to me?" And "will I feel good about myself after?" It's all about self esteem and if you don't feel good about your choices, you won't feel good about yourself.h


  1. I'm so excited to follow this blog, please keep it going

  2. Thus us your aunt Jennifer by the way