Thursday, February 21, 2013

Burn Fat While You Sleep

Yep you read it right! Burn fat while your sleeping, how you ask? Well its actually pretty easy and it's one every one can do! Eat protein right before bed. Plain protein no sugar or fats mixed with it that doesn't count. The reason being when we go to sleep our bodies go into fat storage mode, it's resting and your digestive system slows down. That's why health experts say don't eat past 7pm or don't eat carbs at night. That is true but I know for me that's hard to do. So I eat less carbs with dinner if you want something sweet or "dessert" wait until the next day right after you have eaten breakfast (that's when your metabolism is at it's best). If you are really struggling with a sugar craving keep some sugar free candy on hand, or if I'm really being bad a diet soda does the trick.
So good examples of protein before bed are, Fat Free Cottage Cheese this one is the best! It is a slow digesting protein so it will keep you burning fat longer. Unfortunately you can't add fruit with it at night, but I just tell myself a small bowl really quick with a glass of water isn't so bad. Another is a protein shake with water, they make some that are specifically slow digesting ones that are great but regular protein powder is good too. There are others but those are the quickest and most convenient.
Quick Tip: drink a big glass of water right when you wake up before you eat to jump start your metabolism and always have protein with breakfast! The longer you wait to get protein in your system the longer you will continue to store fat. Just the thought of me constantly storing fat is enough motivation to eat more protein!

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